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Montreal, Canada

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Stella, Montreal, Canada

She was meditating two hours per day, and now one hour is enough: from home she doesn’t need to detox as much as when she went to the office every day.

After our conversation-interview to get to know her, I dare to ask her to stand up for me. For her portrait, I want to give a feeling of a real-life situation taken from her daily routine. It emerged that she depends very much on her laptop for both work and communication with her friends, so I envision her visiting the fridge while holding the laptop in her hand. I know that standing for one hour will not be easy, even for somebody who is into yoga and meditation, but the experience suggests how to avoid the model’s exhaustion, so, after a quick general outline, while one arm is posing, the other is resting, and so on.

Originally from Armenia, Stella speaks 5 languages and is especially fond of yoga and traveling. She lives alone in the city center and works in an agency for food inspections on imports. Her task is to make sure that everything that arrives on the tables of Canadian families is up to Canadian standards. She feels a strong impulse to take walks outdoors since she doesn’t have a window with a view in her flat, and working from home can be tough. She lives in the very center of Montreal, and this part of the city now feels completely empty. However, by walking just a few blocks, she reaches the part of the city where many people are still out and about. In Montreal, the virus is not so widespread, and although they follow the guidelines and keep the correct distance, strict isolation has not been imposed yet.

Stella regularly visits her parents and two sisters, a very traditional family who cannot give up the habit of gathering for meals and love, especially for Easter! Stella does wear gloves while with her parents, even though they are not too concerned.

Stella now does less yoga and meditation than before. She used to do 90 min of yoga every day in the yoga studio where she was also a teacher, but now she has limited it to 30 min, or slightly more. She was meditating two hours per day, and now one hour is enough: from home she doesn’t need to detox as much as she did before when she went to the office every day.