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Upstate New York, USA

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Madison, Upstate New York, USA

“I found him malnourished and food-aggressive. He would growl, show his teeth and be afraid of people.”

Madison is a part-time fashion model and a student in fine arts with a minor in psychology. She is in quarantine in Upstate New York, at her parents’, with Webster, her faithful dog. She rescued him as a puppy from an abusive situation and converted him into her greatest travel companion. “I found him malnourished and food-aggressive. He would growl, show his teeth and be afraid of people, had health issues and skin problems. Even the veterinarian thought about putting him down, but I trained dogs before and worked hard on him; it was a team effort!” She reached incredible results. Webster, now 5 years old, is the sweetest dog! The only time he is not behaving is while sitting for a portrait; after some time, he starts to be too playful and demand attention!
Madison has a diary where she writes, draws, sticks plane, concerts, and museum tickets, and does collage. This diary was just a notebook that she bought in 2016, but now it grew so thick that it weighs several kilos! I portrayed her with her dog and diary. We began the session outdoors on a beautiful balcony with a forest view, but suddenly the rain came, and we ended up indoors... Madison grew up moving from state to state with her parents and two older sisters, both professional artists, one also an art teacher. She also has a little brother.
From growing up on a farm with goats, chickens, rabbits, and horses to doing catwalks at the New York Fashion Week, only a few years have passed, as she is only 22. In quarantine, Madison often goes with her family for walks in the forest, and she is seriously re-thinking her future. Initially, after her degree, which she is doing at a university in LA, she was going to move to New York City, but now she is more inclined towards a relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, she is considering moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she lived for four years with her family, and where there is lots of art and interesting cultural events. Dreams change and time off doesn’t come for no reason. Madison is now doing pottery, collage, and yoga while preparing for a new future – with Webster, of course!